Our products go through countless field trials and rigorous testing on WILD GAME before we consider offering them to the public. Our goal is simple, to create products that work.


    Formulated to work as good as it smells, attracting deer from miles around and keeping them on your hunting ground.


    Highly digestible vitamins and minerals to improve the overall health of your herd and allow your bucks to reach their full potential.


    100% all natural ingredients the way it should be! Quality products begin with premium components. That's the RTO way.

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Veteran Owned and Operated

Red Trail Outdoors (RTO) is a USMC Veteran owned and operated small business located in Southern Maryland with key members in Illinois and Michigan. Not only do we stand proud with our Veteran status but we are all blue collar workers that hold ourselves to the highest standard. This means anything that we create, market, sell, promote is because we feel that it performs at a high standard, if it didn’t we will not promote, sell, or market the item.

Real Results

Our products are developed to provide deer hunters products that not only attracts deer, but also provides them with essential nutrients to help maintain a healthy herd. Big bucks start with healthy does and fawns.

Complete Nutrition

MRE is a complete 100% natural supplement and attractant with 10%+ protein, Omega-3's, fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals.

QRSU provides the big game animal with the minerals and vitamins they need to help reach their full potential, Calcium and Phosphorus. 25%+ Calcium, 8%+ Phosphorus.